What is Christianity?

Being a Christian is about having a vibrant relationship with the God who made us and loves us. This relationship comes through the person of Jesus, who was born as man, lived on earth, died for us and is now risen to new life. Christians share new life with God through the work of the Holy Spirit, God's presence and power in the lives of his people today.

So Christianity is not a meaningless form of religion - it's a vibrant relationship. It's not a bunch of rules and regulations to follow - it's a growing awareness of God's love and awesome purposes for your life. It's about becoming a whole-hearted follower of Jesus Christ - a decision with immediate, and eternal, benefits. In relationship with God we find forgiveness from the past, new life in the present, and an amazing hope for the future.

Now, because Christianity is about relationship, and is lived out in community, the best way to find out more is to meet some Christians. Why not come and meet some other people at church who know the reality of this relationship for themselves - we'd love to tell you the difference God is making in our lives. Or look out for an Alpha Course - a 12 week practical introduction to the Christian faith.

Why not make a start right now? You can find out more about Jesus from the Bible, starting with Mark's Gospel.